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Any adult sex toy shops in delaware?
I just turned eighteen gay male. I'm trying to find where i can buy a vibrating dildo and a penis pump (or some other toy good for masturbation). are there any sex shops in delaware where i can purchase these at eighteen? preferabbly somewhere near felton, like in dover.

links if possible, but name of place and town would be nice.
personally, i'd rather shop online for toys rather than in physical shops, much more variety, and usually cheaper prices. is a good site, i use them quite a bit
I would like to start an online adult shop.?
I would like to start my own home based internet adult toy shop. i would sell adult sex toys and things of that nature. if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. i was wondering if it would be better to store the merchandise at my home or cut myself out of the equation and have the factories ship it to my customers. thank you
Have it dropshipped. It cuts your profit margin a bit, but it's well worth it.
A private question:- any adult toy,sex toy shops in India, please tell where, i dwell in tamilnadu?
i require a immediate and concrete reply. it would be kept private as per the people's request. the reason is i got a catalogue from usa from an adult toy seller. i want to pay to my homeland, for my people they must be profited out of my money, if i don't get replied, then i am sorry they will send me the goods, as sending a catalogue and sending goods take same time. they game me the reply in less than a week, which makes me feel wondering (note it came in us first class post). i request you hurry up, the topic is regarding any adult or sex toy shops available in India. if yes please give me the location. i live in tamilnadu. i will be happy i f i get a positive reply. the reason being, it is far better than going for a girl or other partners for pleasure instead i opt for pleasure toys. it seems to be pretty intelligent for me. please help me. just mail me
you nasty boy........ your mommy is going to spank you
Would you hire an ex sex-shop worker (adult toy store)?
I will be applying for nursing jobs eventually and I feel that this would be a good reference(I worked nights there too) bc my manager loved me, but I am unsure if this line of work is frowned upon.
I would definitely put it down! Most times when you submit a resume, you have an opportunity to express how each job has helped you or what you feel some of your best professional assets are.
I'd say that the adult store job has made you comfortable with the human body, that no questions or conditions are embarrassing to you- (you aren't going to giggle the first time you see a penis!)
I think you explained yourself very professionally in the details of your question.
Where in cebu or manila can i find an adult sex shop?
looking for some sex toys and condoms other things, so that i can have some fun with the women i meet.
In Manila, look for the following places:

1. "The Pleasure Place" at Metrowalk, Pasig City. It sells everything from dildos and vibrators to whips and ball gags.
2. "Nice and Nawty Love Place" in Burgos, Makati. They've got ticklers and costumes.
3. "Love Store" in P. Ocampo, Manila. Aside from vibrators, they sell body crayons and games.
4. "Bare Essentials" at Ali Mall, Cubao.

As for Cebu, I have no idea.
Which online sex toy shop is good to buy from?
My vibrator quit working last week and I'm looking for a good online store to buy a new one. I bought this one like 2 years ago from a site and they added me to this mailing list and sent me raunchy catalogs and emails like every month. I had to call and email them 3 times to have them take me off of their list. I just want to buy something and not get all the junk mailings and emails. Which online adult toy shop is the best to shop through in your experience?
Go here: They have a big sale on, 50% off stuff, free shipping, ect

All sex toy sites have a news letter but most you can opt out of when signing up.…

These guys take pride in what they do.
By far the best customer service I have had at any place I have ever shopped.

For me that means more because everywhere sells the same stuff. Customer service sets them apart.
Is there a sex shop in Iceland?
Is there any sex (adult, toys) shop in iceland? if yes, do you know the name of it and where is it
There's a huge chain in Reykjavik called Adam og Eva. Here's a link to their Facebook page, the addresses are listed on the left-hand side.…

I'm sure there are others, you could probably ask in the store where they are located.
Sex Toys / Adult Shops in or near Kern County, California.?
Does anyone know of any good sex shops that sell sex toys in Kern County, CA or near? Thanks. Have been having a hard time finding any by searching online.
look under adult novelties,or order on line.
Why are most women embarassed to go into sex toy/adult stores?
I tried to convince my girlfriend on a whim to go into one with me, but she's embarassed (we're in our late 20's so, it can't be age and maturity)

But why are some women (maybe even men) afraid to go look around those sex shops? Who cares what other people think of you, you know!!!!
I'm gonna take a stab at this one.
Anybody can correct me if i'm wrong but you will probably never see a guy go into a sex shop with another guy to look around for sex toys unless they are lovers. I believe it is a private thing.
Usually people go in with their mates, (Not the Australian term for friend.)
If she is shy or the embarrassing type she may feel very apprehensive about it. She's probably afraid of who might see her in there or seeing someone she knows. And most of all if you are both friends and not sexually involved with one another what do you think would happen if someone saw the two of you in there together with one another?
That might be pretty embarrassing!
Ask her why?

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