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In 2002 there was a web page that showed a scene from an asian adult movie.?
I want to know who the actress is and or what movie it's from.
The internet archive has the content at:

The second part of the url is the original url.
Probably Bai Ling...she's a trampy little one with a huge need for attention, and no shame.
Whats the title of this asian movie?

hey guys

i cant put my hand on the name od this movie cause its been a very long time since l've seen it though it is very clear and a pretty good fantasy movie

it is an Asian adult movie probably thai, Burmese or lao

and the main picture is that there is this guy who gives his step mum and ice massage and gets feelings for her and then after they have a sexually relationship and i remember the guy being about 15-16 years old he was later kicked out of the house and then returned

anyone help?
Jan Dara

All I did was do a Google search for "ice massage thai film" lol
Adult movie web hosting?
Any one know where I can put my adult movie content? I have lots of Asian adult movie for mobile devices. does not discriminate against adult content on our hosting servers. Please keep in mind that Go Daddy Software does reserve the right to censor any web site hosted on our servers that we deem that is in violation of law. You are responsible for ensuring that your web site conforms to all local, state, federal, and international laws. Further, you are responsible for insuring your legal copyright is in place for any images, text, or other web site elements, and that your content does not infringe upon any other copyright.

Good Luck!!!
Why are so many Asian women in adult movies, but no Asian guys?
You know dem movies I'm talking about. Not talking about the ones from Asia either, but the ones from here. How come they're filled with Asian women bm/af, wm/af, but never any am/wf, am/bf?
Due to high moral standards.
In the 90's I owned an adult movie whose actress was a blonde, blue eyed asian with perfect fake breasts?
Can anyone help I.D. her. It seemed that she only performed with one white male actor, maybe her husband. She was fairly tall. Any help would be appreciated.
Asia Carrera would be a good guess. She is half Caucasian, half Japanese. She sometimes wear contacts (blue) but her real eye color is brown and dyed her hair blonde, but she performs with multiple partners. Another is Tera Patrick. She is half Thai and half caucasian too. She only performs with her husband Evan Seinfeld, bass player of BioHazard and part time porno actor.
In the 90's I owned an adult movie whose actress was a blonde haired,blue eyed asian. She had nice fake breast
She only performed with 1 white male actor. Her name was not Asia Carrera, Kobe Tai or Tera Patrick. She was tall and had a perfect body. Any help would be appreciated.
Off the top of my head I can only think of Kendra Jade, Kitana Jade (Cherie Roberts), and Kaylani Lei. Sorry, but the pics aren't explicit so that none of the prudes flag my with a violation, but hopefully they're enough to make an ID for the one you saw

KENDRA JADE used to have brown hair...…
but she died her hair BLOND for some movies...……
pretty sure her boobs are fake.

KITANA JADE (aka Cherie Roberts) has blond-brown hair she may be the one you've seen... but I don't think her boobs are fake.…………

KAYLANI LEI is the only other asian I can think of with blond-brown hair, but mostly she has dark hair and doesn't have big boobs... unless she got them after.……
There's an asian, possibly chinese, movie about a little boy who is the youngest emperor?
At least I think that's the idea behind it. I remember watching it as a little guy and loving it. I know there's a scene where he breastfeeds from his mother. And there's another scene where two women are brought to him. When he's an adult of course.

So... anyone know what this movie's called??
The Last Emperor…
For asian movie fans?
I'm making a movie trailer for a roleplay site I'm on, and I need help finding some of these scenes. And yes, they have to be asian. It's set in Japan.

-Students talking to eachother in a classroom setting
-Some sort of festival
-A girl hitting another girl in the face OR a girl chasing another girl
-Somebody drinking poison (boy or girl)
-Someone's glasses being crushed (this doesn't have to be asian, provided their faces aren't showing)
-A girl slitting her wrists in the bathtub
-A boy cutting his hair
-A boy reading a letter
-Someone burning
-A small group of guyren (maybe highschool or junior high aged) following an adult woman into the woods
-A girl hiding in some bushes
-A girl flipping over a desk OR punching another girl OR any other similarily agressive acts

It might be helpful to add that the site has a horror theme. Thanks for your help!

Post this on their board there. They have every asian movie worth watching on that site and one of the members will narrow your search down for you.

I think almost every single one of these can be covered in the movie Suicide Club (or Suicide Circle depending on your translation) (2002) and then the movie
Battle Royale has LOTS of these too, not all but I listed the ones below that I know Battle Royale approximately how far into the movie it is.

-A small group of guyren (maybe highschool or junior high aged) following an adult woman into the woods
Noriko and Nanahara follows the teacher in the woods at one point in that movie. It also has the -Someone Burning as one of the guys gets blown up and subsequently catches on fire.
-Somebody drinking poison (boy or girl) About half way through the movie.
-A girl hiding in some bushes ~ Lots of different places in the movie.
-A girl hitting another girl in the face OR a girl chasing another girl ~ Several different times in the movie.
-Students talking to eachother in a classroom setting ~ In The first 5 - 10 minutes
-A girl flipping over a desk OR punching another girl OR any other similarily agressive acts ~ In the first 15 minutes.
-A boy reading a letter ~ Can't remember but definitely in there

Hope this helps. Please message me your trailer because I'd love to see it!

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