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What will be better for first year at college? coed or all female (the whole building)?
im gonna be going to university of north dakota next year or university of wisconsin whitewater and i need to send in housing application and i just wanna know from ppl that have already been to college and know what the pros and cons are of coed and all female? i also dont drink or party at all.
All female will NEVER be all female. As someone had many friends in an all girls residence, it never ends up that way (as in, there are many visits from male friends).
Is it wrong to choose a college based on the drinking/parties?
I do NOT want to drink alcohol or smoke anything!

I know of a college that is known for being strict on drinking and having small parties. I know you are suppose to select a college based on size, location, financial aid, and whether it is coed or not...but is it alright to select it based on its small parties/strict policies on drinking since I will be a non-drinker?
Well the curriculum ought to be your primary deciding factor... followed by affordability, in-state vs out-of-state, public vs private etc. But by all means, consider something like that, as well; I've known many people who've ruined their lives by binge drinking in college.
Were the Bathrooms at Your College Effectively Coed?
I was speaking with my wife, and mentioned that girls frequented the men's room in our male-only dorm. She said it was not like that at her college, so I am curious what experience others have had.

I went to college in the late 1970s, and lived in an all-male dorm with no woman's bathroom available in the building. The bathroom said MEN on the door, but women who visited the dorm used the men's room regularly. They had no other option except to go to a different dorm with women's bathrooms. These were old-style bathrooms, and there was not a lot of privacy, even in the stalls. One tried to be respectful of privacy, but during dorm parties (18 was the drinking age then) that system broke down.

Was my school the exception, or was this common?

PS: The bathrooms have been redone, and everyone has privacy now. There are now both men's and women's rooms on every floor, even the single-sex floor. Times have changed.
I went to school during the 90's. During my freshman year, I lived in an all women's dormitory. The rule was that men were only allowed in the lounge unless escorted by a resident. There was a men's room in the lounge so usually, men would go to the lounge if they needed to use the restroom. Occasionally, a resident would sneak her male visitor into the women's restroom; but for the most part, out of respect for her neighbors, residents wouldn't let their male visitors use the restrooms. Each subsequent year, every room in my dormitory had its own bathroom so the coed bathroom problem was a non issue.
Girls, even though she was drunk, was it a sign she likes me?
i am in college and live on a coed floor. i like a girl on my floor and we talk alot. some people on my floor can tell i like her and i have told some people that i like her but i dont know if she knows i like her, but i think she probably knows.

we joke around with each other alot but i honestly dont know if she likes me. i always jokingly tell her to come to my room at night, haha. she went out last night for a birthday celebration and came back really drunk.

-she came to my room at 1am, opened my door, saw i was trying to sleep and left
-then she came back 20 minutes later and threw 2 water bottles at me and then left
-then she came back 10 minutes later and just sat down in my room and watched the movie we were watching and left after a few minutes

i saw her this morning and asked her about it, she said "oh, i was doing it to every room" which i know for a fact she wasnt. i told her i was gonna lock my door tonite and she said "then your slut from the 10th floor cant come up tonight" (which refers to a girl i met who i might hang with)

do you think she wanted to come see me b/c she likes me or was she just drunk? i know they always say "drunk words/actions are sober thoughts."
idk, do you think she likes me?
Yea I think she might like you. Why would she refer to another girl that you might hang with as a slut? Think about it. She's jealous. She went into your room for a reason, she does like you. She did it while she was drunk because that's when she had more guts to do it. She wanted you to wake up, she wanted to hang with you.
Girls, what do you think of drunk facebook confessions by guys?
im a freshman in college and live on a coed floor. i like a girl on my floor ALOT. we talk alot and joke around alot, i think she knows i like her, most people on our floor do. i went to a party last night, drank the usual but when i got home, i was feeling more willing to express my feelings.

so i went on facebook and wrote on that girl's wall (in summary) "i met a cute girl but you're way cuter"
her roommate (who is also my friend) posted (in summary) "you called her a half a meatball (which is a joke between us) yet shes still cute? that doesnt make sense, haha."
i responded "half a meatballs are rare occurrences and rare occurrences are beautiful things."
then responded 15 minutes later "and i didn't post that just because i'm drunk"

i saw her in the hallway after i posted it last night and she does a sexy pose and says "you were being serious, i'll keep that in mind"

like i said, we talk and joke around alot. we know each other and are comfortable around each other. she always stares at me and remembers everything i tell her. how do you think she'll feel about that post today? i havent seen her yet. how would you feel if a guy told you that?
its not a big deal. Just dont think about it, pretend it never happened and act confident. If she likes you then shell like that comment..it sounds like she does so you should try to make a move
My bf doesn't want me to go to college?
I think I want to go to college but I want to go to one of those coed dorm room colleges. I told my bf that he should come to college with me, we have the same/similar interests. He has a wealthy grandpa so I told him he could ask his grandpa to help him out and that me and him could get jobs to help pay for it but he isn't open to the idea.

He's upset he doesn't trust me around other guys he thinks something would happen between me and my roommate. He's a "country boy" so he's got it in his head that he has no future of being in college so he wont even consider asking his grandpa or someone for help.

I want to go to a coed dorm room college because I hate being around ONLY girls.. they're annoying and b!tchy and I hate talking to them. My bf thinks that I will cheat on him. I'm too shy I don't like partying and I never have and never will drink.
I might go a little ranty (not a word) here because Im a deep believer in college. Who said it was his choice if you go to college and how you spent your college experience. From what you said your like me your shy and you dont like partying and drinking and if he's been your bf for awhile and knows you he would know that wouldnt that that isnt your style. My point is and I dont want to flat out tell you to dump your bf because I certianly dont know the situation, you can make yourself happy and keep your bf. Just talk to him and remeber what you learn in college sticks with you your whole life men never last that long.
Hope that helps you!
Can I party at college and still expect to graduate?
I graduate high school in 7 weeks and Ive been partying my @^& off the whole semester. Ive got straight As right now and my schedule is E-business, Physics, Yearbook, and AP Calculus, Ive also got 15 hours of college credit and I can get six more if I make a four on the AP test. Im pretty smart but Ive been drinking and smoking pot and having so much fun lately. My schoolwork has remained steady though and life is just awesome right now. Im living in a coed dorm in college and I cant wait. I know im going to party like a crazy dude at college, but Im just wondering if I have a chance of graduating? Im majoring in Civil Engineering at a very prestiegous school if it matters.
Yes, you have a chance to still graduate but if you expect to graduate with good grades you'll need to keep your parties in check. Almost everyone on my hall partied constantly and all of their GPAs are around a 2.5 (although my roommate doesn't even know her GPA--she refuses to even look at it because she knows she did so poorly last semester).

If you expect to get any scholarships you'll need to keep your GPA at at least a 3.0 and in order to graduate with a major in Civil Engineering you'll probably need a 3.5 (this is just a guess but it's what you have to have at my school).

High school is nothing compared to college--regardless of if you take AP classes or not--and engineering majors are pushed really, really hard. The only engineers I know who partied are no longer engineer majors because the courses are too demanding and get in the way of their "lifestyle."
How is it living in the NAVY barracks?
My recruiter told me its like living at a college dorm and the administration at the barracks dont really care what you do (of course no under age drinking, alcohol, etc.) . he told me that the dorms are coed and you can hook up with females at the dorm. Is it like this?
You will be on a ship if you are assigned to a ship unless there is enough barracks for all personnel on Sea & Shore commands.

There is newer barracks and older barracks, you can be sharing with up to 3 other personnel or you might get lucky and only be sharing a bathroom with someone. Your barracks room will be inspected at any time and if anything is found in there that is illegal you will get into serious trouble. Not all barracks are co-ed some are and some aren't depending on the base. Most though are not.
When I turn 60....? #3?
Should I have an affair with my ski instructor and drink wine while he plays his guitar and sings our song for me? Or should I take up horse race betting with a bookie? WOO WOO I think I'll go to a University and be a college coed. wink wink....let's have fun with this question. I'm just checking out my possiblities. ;)
I like the railroad thing 'cause you got such a cute little caboose!!!!! Woooo Woooooo! May the buzzard of love bless you always! peace
Why do US Colleges under the influence of secularists and Marxists continue to destroy the young?
LifeSciences.com reports via Yahoo News:

[Coed dorms] fuel very unhealthy behavior that might otherwise be moderated.

A new study finds university students in coed housing are 2.5 times more likely to binge drink every week. And no surprise, they're also likely to have more sexual partners, the study found. Also, pornography use was higher among students in coed dorms.

Some 90 percent of U.S. college dorms are now coed.

More than 500 students from five college campuses around the country participated in the study. Among the results:

* 42 percent of students in coed housing reported binge drinking on a weekly basis.
* 18 percent of students in gender-specific housing reported binge drinking weekly

Why do US Colleges under the influence of secularists and Marxists continue to destroy the young?

A great deal of radical leftist have deep psychologically issues that they like to project on to other people especially the youth of America. They have been doing this for over 50 years now.

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