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Are there any FREE ANIME games to download on the internet?
I watched some of TYPE-MOON animes and I heard opinions that games were actually better than the animes (except for Kara no Kyoukai, of course ;P)

I'm wondering if it is possible to download original anime role-play games for free, such as Shingetsutan Tsukihime, 428 (something that was before Canaan anime), Ookami Kakushi, Clannad, and so on.
There are free visual novels, but the big fancy ones that you've actually heard of by name and have animes based on them are obviously not going to be free. :)

Probably the best free Japanese VNs that have english translations are Narcissu and True Remembrance; if you google for either of those you will also find links to a few more free games of varying quality. Similarly if you look at you will find a bunch of free games written in english but the quality varies wildly.

Games that have been officially licensed for sale in the English market and have professional translations usually cost around what normal PC games cost. Games that are only available by fan translation and have to be bought direct from japan are PAINFULLY expensive unfortunately.
Free Anime Games Online? I wonder where can i play anime games, like fighting games, or RPG games?
Or maybe MMO games, i dont need an specific game but a website where they only add anime fighting games and rpg games. I'd like to play naruto games, bakugan or bleach games.
Is there any fun free anime games?
Is there any fun free anime games?

Online or downloadable.
Here are some of the free anime games I play. They are free flash games and they are all online games.……

This is a funny anime game………
Some website to download for free anime games?
if u know some good website where i can download anime games free please tell me... °_°
look here.
Are there any free Anime games that don't need downloading?
Like RPG or other types. Must be anime but that I don't need to download.

This is an online game that is a parody of Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, DBZ, and many other anime series. There is a ton of content to be done within the game such as joining a village, fighting other players, zombies, and teaming up with many well known anime characters. There is also no download needed. From personal experience I can tell you its a ton of fun. If you enter Rich as your referral you get an extra gift to help you progress to Chunin rank in the game once you sign up. Send me a message if you need any help, my name in-game is Rich.
Where can i download a free anime games?
i try to find some. but its not free so pleass!!! give me some info about it!!!!
If by anime games you mean visual novels there are few translated..I can suggest you hongfire but then again if you want to play an untranslated game you'll have to know at least basic for battle games for PS2 like Soul Eater and Shaman King you have to know that X is O and O is X for Japanese games...if you want a game released in the USA then there are even fewer: Shaman King Power of Spirits(PS2),Case Closed: One Truth Prevails(Wii-only Europe so far),maybe Trauma Center(Wii/DS),Yu-Gi-Oh(Nintendo Consoles and PS2),Duel Masters(PS2) etc..
Is there any free mmorpg anime manga games out there mainly DBZ?
Yes I was jus t wondering by chance if anyone knew any MMORPG Anime games online free that dont have to be downloaded. Main Dragon Ball z.
not yet, but there is a korean dragon ball mmo in development, which is scheduled for release in 2008, i have search everywhere for the beta, but am unable to find it as of now. i will continue my search
What is a free online anime game that i dont have to install?
I need a FREE online anime game that i DO NOT have to install or download. I dont like any war type games and i want something like zwinky but no download needed.. I want to be able to move around and chat to people and make a character and be able to be around actual people that can talk to me.. please help!!
Okay, firstly, whenever I answer someone's question, THEY NEVER READ IT ENTIRELY! Please read this entirely, you might miss out something VERY good when you aren't reading that thouroghly, and that's sometimes not good.
Hope I helped though!

I found this AWESOME WEBSITE, and it really helped me, because I had the same problem as you.
Okay... here's my answer (so far) but if you really want more, go on to the website It really sounds tacky, but they have a great gamer's guide. Here's how to find it...
go to the what's new tab and click on the attachments tab too. There, you'll find the attachment (there's only 2 attachments on there, it's the first one.) Click on it, and you're on your way!
Free anime games no download?
free 3-D games that I don't need to download
Aurora Blade

Pockie Ninja…


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