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Yaoi hardcore anime ?
does anybody know where i can find + watch some hardcore yaoi clips/movies please?

thanks x
try yaoi-kiss.wetpaint.com. .
Hardcore songs with intros from movies?
Does anyone know a few good hardcore or any song that has clips from movies? I see this a lot, usually in the intro.
Guns and Roses- Civil War
I want to know if African act exrated movies, like xxx hardcore movies?
if yes send me a website or the title of the movies and if its possible to see clips of the movies on net
like putting a shotgun up their @$$ and pulling the trigger a couple times?? Ur asking for a snuff film....thats creepy!
I posted hardcore pornography on youtube?
Well I just posted hardcore porn on youtube accidentally and they banned me.

I meant to post a compilation of funny clips from TV shows, that I made on windows movie maker, but I accidentally clicked the wrong file and ended up uploading some porn from my own personal collection.

What can I do? because they won't let me create another account and i don't think youtube has any customer service.
YouTube don't block IP addresses, so what's with this waffle from everyone?
It sounds simple but use a different email address.

I've been suspended before.
What band and song has a clip from the movie 'The Exorcist'?
There's a song thats hardcore/deathcore/death metal that has a sound clip from the movie 'The Exorcist' and i cant remember who the artist is
go to the IMDb or wikipedia page for the movie, and all of the music credits will be listed in a special section there
What song is played in the movie Stick It when Haley preforms vault at classic?
Theres this really hardcore rock song played as Haley steps up to do vault in her green and black leotard at the classic. Does anyone know the name of it? It starts at 1:21 in this clip www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAlcnkeccew

"i slept with someone in fal out boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me" by fall out boy

love that movie and love that band.
Ok people, can we be really honest about the Twilight movie for a second?
Alright. Lets get something totally straight. I'm not a basher, I'm not a hater and I am not a troll. I am a genuine hardcore Twilight fan (or Twihard, if you prefer that) who is most definately gonna go out and watch this movie in cinemas with a bunch of her biggest Twihard friends over and over and over again. . .

But here's my opinion. Based on all of the clips and stuff, this movie isn't gonna be all that other fans are making it out to be. What's worrying me are the special effects. From what I've seen of the acting, it's pretty decent and I really think that I could enjoy it.

But the special effects....*FACEPALM*

I know that this was initially meant to be a small indie release but....seriously. If you havent seen that leaked 8mins from the Rome film you gotto see that so you can get what I'm talking about:

www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrxFbhDfm… (okay that's shady audio :) Just DEAL :P )

Now I just want some honest opinions here. If you WERE NOT a huge Twilight fan....in fact....if you had never heard of the series and you saw this by chance one day, what exactly would you think of it? Do you think critics will rip this movie apart cos of the effects? (Man, hope not....I want this movie to do well sooo much.)

Ohh, could I get some answers with justification? I really detest those "OMG I'D THINK IT'D ROCK COS ROB IS SO HOTTT<333!!" or "It's going to suck because the book sucked" kind of answers. I especially hate the "Well it's only like two minutes of the movie so it doesn't matter" answers......cos critics look @ the whole movie as a whole.

Thanx for reading my semi-rant :)

haha yeah cheesy effects. Rob is very very sexy. haha anyways um if i never heard anything about twilight or never read i would think that movie was crap. Just from that clip. Funny-but whack. But since i have read twilight and seen more clips i'll be spending 10$ every friday until the dvd comes out if i like it. Rob is talented- at him playing the piano, i'd imagie myself melting into my chair. Rob is hot as a VAMPIRE, may i rephrase that, lol.
How much blood/gore is in Repo the Genetic Opera?
I've seen the trailer and clips on youtube, I'm simply hooked to the soundtrack clips on itunes, but I'm someone who gets really nervous about blood and gore. Is it like Sweeney Todd, where the blood looks fake and is hardly in the movie, but when it's there it's a lot, but you can just close your eyes and get past that and enjoy the rest of the movie? Or is it full hardcore slasher horror gorefest?
It is nothing like sweeney todd, sweeney todd has so much gore and blood, but repo is like a step down from that movie, maybe two. It is a wonderful movie, and the songs are amazing. You will love this movie, it is not a slasher horror at all, it is like phantom of the opera meets sweeney todd, excluding the same amount of blood that is:D
What's a good FREE video-editing program, similar to Sony Vegas Movie Maker?
I'm getting interested in video-editing and I'm looking for a great program to use (Nothing hardcore, for a professional high-paying job, but nothing low budget, either). My friend uses the "Vegas Movie Maker" program (I think it's called), and it has a lot nice features, and layout. But that costs money...like, $200.

Does anyone know of a good, full-featured, intuative (easy to self-teach) video-editing program? ...Remember - FREE.

**DO NOOOOOT Suggest Windows Movie Maker - It sucks.

I want to be able edit not only the types of effects, but the length and duration of them, different volumes at different times throughout a single clip, have multiple videos/audios at once, condense or expand the length of clips without "cutting" them (basically, slow-mo or fast-forward), etc etc...

VideoSpin is a free brand new tool that allows you to create your own movie clips in minutes using your own videos and pictures. With this fully functional video editing software you can:

* Mix videos, photos and music together
* Add titles and transitions
* Upload to the web in a snap!
* Direct upload to YouTube and Flash support

Hentai movies with a good plot?
I'm looking for full hentai movies with a good plot. Mostly softcore, slightly more mature than ecchi animes. I just want something with a little bit of sex in it but not 'porn'. No tentacles or hardcore rape. Mild rape scenes are fine.

Do NOT link random porn sites. I don't want to watch plotless clips. Just names of movies/series.
I got a kick out of ogenki clinic adventures. I would consider it porn but the situations they come up with are great.

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