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Have you ever pulled down your panties to find out you were having an epic period?
I didn't know it was my time of month yet

I'm gonna be abstinent for like a week now.
What are the videos called when a woman's shirt is pulled up and her panties are pulled down?
Where is the best place to find these videos?
porn. google it
How many ladies obsess about being spanked, firmly turned over a knee and scolded; panties pulled down?
Erotic spanking is an obsession for me. And I want to b the spankee. I seek a male and a female, not a couple, to have as disciplinarians for me when i feel i have been naughty and deserving of a good backside warming. How would I ever find two such people?
Depends where you are, of course - but liking to spank, or be spanked, isn't by any means uncommon, and it shouldn't be too difficult to find the people you're looking for. There are quite a few sites you might try - is a good one.

Good luck!
If i get a bikini-hip tattoo, then do i have to pull down my panties?
Do they have something special, do the panties come all the way off, or do I pull a corner down?
Come on, think how sey it would be to be naked in front of the guy doing the tat. As well as some of the customers coming in. If you were very modest, you wouldn't be getting one there. So enjoy the experience.

When you pull your panties down to your knees?
is there anything still in them?
yes. my vaggy
How do I get my daughter to wear her training panties?
I got my 28 month-old daughter potty trained using the no-diaper method. Soooo... now when I try to put her "big girl" training panties on her she just takes them right back off. Also, I don't think she understands that she's not supposed to go pee-pee in them... even though I tell her not too. I want her to learn that she needs to call mommy or daddy and pull her panties down and sit on the potty. I'm running out of ideas on how to get her to do this. HELP!!! :-)
Give her a small present every time she goes in the potty.
The present could just be something small, such as a quarter, or a small snack she likes, like a few m&ms, chocolate chips, a handful of her favorite cereal, etc.
Question about a pediatrician looking down there?
This happened to my 5 year old girl a few years ago when she had an allergic reaction to a medication and it caused a rash in her pubic area. The pediatrician she saw (who was the only female ped. there at the time) asked her to get up on the examining table and then the ped. immediately pulled down her panties and started to rub and palpate the area. Was this normal? If not what was normally suppose to happen?
I wouldn't worry about it. She wouldn't have done anything inappropriate in front of you anyways.
When you put your hand down a girls panties?
and she wakes up and smiles at you is that good? i did that and i pulled out my hand quickly and said sorry and she just put her hand down her panties after that and pulled her hand back out and i left and said sorry again
That's.... creepy.
Stop doing that.

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