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All Comments

Why do people think that guys who shaved their legs are consider gay?
Aren't you people being too ignorant? I mean, it's okay for a guy to shave his hair and mustache/beard. But leg hair is a big no no. When you're old and living in the hospital, it's mandatory to shave all of your hair everywhere. So if I want to shave my legs once or twice a year because I want to have a clean body, that's consider gay? Tell me your thoughts and whatever comes to mind!
Why narrow minded people think that is because it is a thing a girl does so it is feminine and they think all gay guys are feminine.
Guy in the subway is wearing a tank top and has shaved pits. Gay or straight?
Last summer, I saw this guy on the subway wearing a tank top. When he raised arm to hang onto the pole, lo and behold....his armpits were shaved. I found it kind of awkward, but his friend that was with him didn't seem to be bothered by it.

So....any chance this guy is straight?
I think he may just like to have good hygiene.
I shaved my underarms, it is gay or less manly ?
I am a grooming freak and wanted to keep my armpits closely trimmed.
But halfway through the trim, I felt like cutting them off completely. So I just ran the trimmer till the hairs were almost shaved off .

Is it a sign of gay-ness or un-manliness to shave the underarms ?
i would say that it is a sign of being sure of yourself but you are asking this question so its ovbious that is not the case. all in all, i would say that is neither, whatever makes you comfortable. i am a girl and i get lazy sometimes in the winter espicially ( i look like chewbacca ) does that make me me less of a women!? actually maybe dont answer that question.
Gay men: What turns you on more, body hair or shaved?
I prefer men with hair and studies show women like shaved men. I am curious what the rest of the gay community thinks.
Depends on where the hair is! I like a tiny bit of body hair, such as the chest and I love the line going down to their, ahem crotch, as long as its not too thick. Leg hair is basically no big deal to me, they could either have a whole forest on their legs or have them shaved off like a Nivea commercial. Back hair is a no, pubes don’t matter, only if they’re not a monster bushes that eats small guyren, so trimmed is okay not completely shaven though, its a bit creepy. Arm hair and underarm hair don't matter to me. Facial hair is sexy no matter what, and last but not least, a** hair, which to me is never a turn on and I kinda don't like it. But I actually don't care, the above that I explained was just what I like, but if my man wants hair wherever he wants hair its his business, I'm not gonna tell him to shave. So it doesn't matter, but what I explained would just be the icing on the already incredible cake. =]
I shaved half of my pubic hair is that gay ?
i wanted to be unique and diffrent plus i feel like if u shave it all off that's gay, what's your thought on this ?
Perhaps corny, but not homosexual
Butt shaving. Is it gay? and How should it be shaved?
What do you really think about a man who shaves his butt. Do you think it is gay? or somthing that should be done to keep it clean?

I have shaved mine couple of times with a razor but it gets sticky and itching as i think air doesnt get between the checks and it becomes wet. Do you know of a better way?

personally i think there are some places that a razor shouldn't go but if you feel like it's cleaner and better if you shave it then by all means do it. it doesn't make you gay to shave but not everyone in the world needs to know where you shave.
Does it make me gay if i shaved my own armpit?
or women think guys are sexy with shaved armpit. Im not trying to be homo, I'm trying to have self-confidence on my self image. I just like to look good around women, by showing hygiene.
Am I gay: I am a boy but I love showing off my clean shaved armpit in photos?
That's women who love showing off their armpits.
But, I'm a boy, and even worse my armpit isn't hairy, it is clean shaved.

Do you think I'm a gay?
that doesnt have anythinng to do with being gay!
Would it be gay if I shaved my armpits?
I just don't see the point in armpit hair and it's annoying.
Does it make you sexually attracted towards men?
Would I be considered gay if I shaved my arms? I don't swim?
I was wondering how comfortable it is if I shaved my arms and/or legs, but I'm not really sure how I would be judged by my peers. Would I most likely be considered gay?
My partner shaved his lower arms one time over ten years ago to do drag for Halloween and the hair that grew back in is still visibly thicker than the hair above the shave line.

Just a word of warning.

I would not think of it as gay, but it's a bit high-maintenance.

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