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My cat is hunting things is this okay?
My one-year-old cat is a roaming type I have tried pennies in a can, water squirt-er by the door to keep her from door dashing but no she is determined. She is only out for a day and rarely overnight she is fixed (so there is no reason for her to roam) and UTD on shots & flea meds. Just today I discovered a dead baby bunny in the corner of the garage and a bunch of feathers leading to a obviously killed Blue Jay I didn't think Boots way much of a hunter but a stray would not be leaving them in my garage. Is it safe for her to hunt? Is this okay or should I try my darnedest to keep her in?
Whether or not you keep the cat indoors is entirely your choice.

As for the hunting of prey; this is entirely instinctual behaviour and no one needs to teach any cat how to do that. I have a female cat that was hand raised and never had another cat train her to hunt. She nailed a starling on her second day being let out and has not stopped since. Fortunately there is an abundance of ground dwelling critters here and she rarely molests the birds any more. Nor does she bring her trophies home for me to dispose of; she eats them instead.

If you cat is eating it's kills I strongly recommend that your start it on a course of de-worming. My cats are de-wormed once a month during the Summer.
How long till i can use my arm again?
Opening a large Browning fixed blade knife i got for christmas, i had an accident. The knife was in one of those plastic display type packages that you have to basically cut around each edge to open.
Being the impatient person i am i opted to try to rip through it. Anyway the plastic took an unexpected rip, launching the large 12 inch knife, and my arm was in its path.
The knife actually struck my wrist and it was a deep cut. It wasn't a slice, more of a direct impact (more like a sword strike than a press and drag kinda cut). I was able to see through a few layers of miscellaneous crap under the skin, and the blood squirted at first. I stopped the bleeding fairly quickly and treated it at home, i woulda gone to the hospital if i couldn't stop the bleeding.
The cut its self is healed. I have a nice inch long scar, so those who don't know me may think me a darker person than i really am.

For those who made it through my blabbing; here is my question. When will i have full use of my arm again? I never lost any movement or anything like that, all the fingers and tendons are in working order. The thing is, if i put much strain on my forearm i'm in enough pain to immediately drop whatever i was doing and cringe in pain for a minute. I expect some discomfort, but the pain isnt only at the site of incision. Some of the pain is mid forearm, where the mass of muscle is. A good example of something i absolutely can't do is draw a 60lb draw bow (not a hunter...).

Any help would be.... helpful.

p.s I babied my wrist for a good week and a half, keeping the wrist bent in a way to ensure the gash stayed closed, could the extreme soreness be due to keeping it in one position for so long?
its called a severed nerve. Even tho the wrist works fine not all nerves go from brain to hand, some go from hand to brain and that is what you most likely damaged.

It wont heal by itself, it needs to be repaired. Go to a doctor and if ur lucky they may b able to repair it.
Bucket List: What's on Yours, and What do You Think of Mine?
1. Rob Little Caesar’s with Water Guns (Like in the Sum 41 music video, order it and once it’s on the counter squirt the hell out of the cashier w/hardcore water guns, grab the pizza, and run away)
2. Learn to Drive
3. Make a Toast at a Stranger’s Wedding
4. Play with Laser Pointers at a Movie Theater
5. Hang someone from a School Flagpole
6. Throw Paint-Filled Water Balloons at People
7. Be on TV
8. Start a Freshman Kidnapping Tradition (Seniors “guynap” freshmen during freshmen lunch and play pranks on the town the last week of school)
9. Witness an Old Lady Beat someone with a Cane
10. Put Firecrackers in Library Books (So they go off when someone opens the book and scare everyone)
11. Go to the Mall and get Little Kids to Pull Off Santa’s Beard
12. Start an Urban Legend or Be an Urban Legend
13. Have a “Topless Car Wash” Where Everyone Washing Cars is a Shirtless Fat Dude
14. Play Baseball with Glass Valuables
15. Pants a Teacher at School
16. Make a Pillow Fort in Target
17. Go Down Up Escalators and Up Down Ones
18. Sneak into a Friend’s House, take their Toilet Paper, and TP their House with it
19. Dane Cook Style B&E
20. Go Bungee Jumping
21. Go Skydiving
22. Let Farm Animals Loose Downtown
23. Chase Little Kids Wearing Clown Costumes
24. Catapult Diapers, Rotten Eggs, and Baggies of Random Edibles Blended in a Blender from my friend’s Roof
25. Write a Song that gets In the Top 10 Most Bought on iTunes
26. Fill an Air Mattress with Helium and Ride it
27. Get on Spinny Chairs and Propel Ourselves in a Public Place with Fire Extinguishers
28. Throw a Huge Party and Invite Everyone we Know Even if we Just Met them
29. Spend the Night in a Haunted House
30. Ride the Scariest Roller Coaster in the World
31. Surf
32. Go on a Road Trip
33. Have our Pictures in a Newspaper
34. Write our Names in Wet Cement
35. Ride on a Float in a Parade
36. Walk on the Great Wall of China
37. Be in the Guinness Book of World Records for something
38. Be on the News
39. Visit the Galapagos Islands
40. Go Down a Waterfall in a Trash Can
41. Get Shot Out of a Cannon
42. See a Ghost
43. Make a Flash Mob
44. Paint Graffiti
45. “Dine and Dash”
46. Participate in a Police Lineup
47. Invent something
48. Bury a Time Capsule
49. Carve our Names in a Tree
50. Get Involved in a Protest Rally
51. Copy the Burger King “Crazy King” Commercial or another Funny Commercial in a Public Place
52. Send a Message in a Bottle
53. Sleep in a Hammock
54. Pet a Big Cat Like a tiger or lion or something
55. Ride a Unicycle at School
56. Sneak Out at Night With ALL of our Friends
57. Become Expert Parkourists
58. Swim in the Ocean or a Lake at Midnight
59. Drop Mayo Filled Water Balloons from Buildings on People
60. Have a Perfect Tea Party
61. Visit the Bermuda Triangle
62. Be Involved in a Covert Operation
63. Jump Off a Bridge and have a Bunch of People Jump with us
64. Swing so High we Flip Over the Top and then Keep Swinging
65. Ice Skate on an Actual Pond/Lake
66. Meet Stickman (The creepy guy who sells carved sticks to people by Costco)
67. Go into an Elementary School Classroom Dressed as Sumos and Beat Guyren with Bananas but Not Hard Enough to Hurt them
68. Go “Nudie Hunting” (Go to a Nude Beach and Shoot People with Paintball Guns, Acting Like Hardcore Redneck Hunters)
69. Be Street Performers
70. Make Elaborate Sidewalk Chalk Art in a Public Place
71. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
72. Ride a Mechanical Bull
73. Go White Water Rafting
74. Fly in a Blimp
75. Have a Beach Bonfire
76. Climb the Eiffel Tower
77. Jump onto and off of a Moving Train
78. Spend $100 on Junk Food and Eat it all in One Day
79. Crash a Prom
80. Ride on the Upper Part of a Double Decker Bus in England
81. Trick Someone into thinking he/she Lives on an Indian Burial Ground And Scare them REALLY BAD
82. Go to a Concert and Jump Onstage
83. Throw a Party on a Roof
84. Go Hoodsurfing on a Car
85. Go Cliffjumping
1) go to a nude beach
2) naked skydiving
3) move to oregon
4) have guys
5) answer yahoo questions
6) become a graphic designer
7) naked hand gliding
8) naked bungee jumping
Hunters and gun owners, do you think that paintball and airsoft "guns" teach young people the wrong thing?
I just read (yet another!) airsoft question, and the guy is actually wanting his toy to cause pain to his little playmates. Another guy the same day "needs" the latest "sniper rifle". And who can count how many come here asking if their pellet guns are suitable for small game? (At least THAT is a hunting question, in some sense.)

The manual for even a Daisy Red Ryder says to respect it as a real gun, and never point, much less fire, it at anything or anyone but a safe target. Isn't part of the purpose of BB guns to teach gun safety to beginners? Isn't the first rule of gun safety "Never point your gun at anything that you don't intend to kill or destroy, or that your gun cannot humanely kill"? What are guys learning by making a game of shooting projectiles at each other?

I don't apply this reasoning to unrealistic colored plastic squirt guns, or "guns" that only shoot when the user shouts "Bang!" I have no objection to little guys playing Army in the backyard with such toys. But most have left behind such games by the time they're twelve, by which time they should be ready to begin handling real guns in a responsible way. Instead, they're being encouraged to point realistic-looking weapons at each other and fire projectiles that are intended to hurt.

Am I the only one that thinks this is stupid, and ultimately against our interests as ethical gun owners?
I think it is utterly ridiculous. It takes what they "learn" from video games to another low.

This is only one reason that I feel this way. I have a brother in law who is approximately 36 years of age. If you go to their house, the pantry shelves are bare and the refrigerator is empty. When they, along with my niece and nephew, come to visit; it's like they are starving to death. Then I get to listen to hours of one sided conversation about how his $800 paintball gun is vastly superior to my Ruger SR-556. Yes, I typed that correctly...$800 for a pretend gun that CAN NOT be used to put food on the table or protect ones family.

That is why I am personally biased. I do, also, notice an alarming trend growing in which people think these are some how on an equal plane with actual fire arms. That kind of mentality is going to get someone in serious trouble.

Call me old fashioned, but I was taught the Ten Commandments of Gun Safety before nearly anything else. Like wise I was taught to respect my elders and to be a productive member of society. I believe many of the fundamental traits that make us Americans are being phased out. Air soft and paint ball are not contributing one good thing to these guys futures. Sure, better than sitting in front of the boob tube eating candy all day. Hand-eye coordination...maybe. I just think they make the next generation look like a bunch of idiots.
Please look at this and tell me if you agree or disagree.?
Dont you think that its wrong that people can... number 1 post videos or pictures of them harming animals, hunting, on the world wide web and 2 that the are even allowed to do so. But the minute an animal kills a human we kill it. Also People that go into the deep wild into cougar country and bear country and then are attacked by bears and cougars they then kill the animal. I was just watching a few things on animal planet. I will describe each. First a company tore down a big forest in new jersey. They relocated as many animals as possible, but somehow they missed a coyote. A 3 yr. old boy then goes over to the coyote and steps on its tail the coyote bit the guy on the scalp and ran. They mom and dad called the police and they went out and hunted this poor creature. A lady in Louisiana had bought a undercover black leopard illegally. After 1.5yrs. of having the leopard it bit her scalp and pulled it off. She called the police and they shot and killed the leopard instantly. Another guy, really famous he played the old Tarzan, was fascinated with big cats. He had lions, cougars, tigers, leopards, and cheetahs. One of his tigers escaped. He was friendly and had NEVER hurt a soul. A couple of police officers saw it crossing the highway and instantly shot it to death. It dint charge at them, roar, or bare its teeth. I was on youtube and saw hunters shoot a mountain lion with a bow and arrow. Blood squirted and it fell from the tree. Three dogs were biting it and it was squealing. The hunters then finished him off. Do you agree that all things listed above should be outlawed? And if not dont you think that it should be at least not be able to be viewed by the public. I am a vegan/vegetarian and think humans and animals are equal.
I do agree with the fact that animals need more rights when it comes to the stupidy of humans (having a lion as a pet). i think the shooting of the Mountian lion is wrong if it wont be used to eat(i dont know anyone who would) but i dont think it is fair for all hunting to be illegal. for some people, thats the only way they can survive. they dont have the money to go buy expensive vegan food. right now im trying to find a way to eat meat but make sure its not from corporate farms that vastly mistreat the animals. i dont know if this answerd your question but here it is
Tell me what you think will happen next.?
January 8, 1209, 11:56 p.m.
A beautiful brunette maiden and her lover find themselves lost within a darkened wilderness of inner France. The lady, still dressed in her bright blue dress of velvet, is seated with her lover on the back of a chestnut steed. Her lover is armed in a full suit of glistening armor with a silver blade at his waste. His black hair and goatee are dotted with snow, as the night is calm and peaceful. They are escaping the lady's noble father, a war hero and owner of a large, isolated estate in northern France. The woman's father has proven himself to be an intelligent tracker, having sent many units of soldiers in search of them. Each were successful in finding the couple, but not in catching them. The woods are beautiful, yet cold. Neither of the two have any ways of keeping warm, as settling down and starting a fire will only attract the wary bounty hunters. They must keep moving.
The man snaps the reins of the horse, and they begin to move at a faster pace. However, the horse seems somewhat distracted. For this particular mount, distraction is an unusual thing. It stops. The man is curious, and pats his beast which seems to be in some kind of shock. It grunts, and begins shifting its head and body in many directions. The beautiful woman does the same, looking for any possible danger. There is nothing to be seen.
The horse then whips backwards without warning, and sprints nearly 10 yards. It then comes to a sudden halt and turns to the other direction, once again on the move. The maiden screams as she falls against the surface of the snow. The horse, once again, comes to a halt, and stares forward. The man dismounts the beast and runs toward his lover. The horse than dashes around its kneeling master and disappears into the trees.
The man aids his love in standing once more. As he does this, he turns to the direction the horse had been looking at before it made its final run. There, mysteriously standing just yards away from the couple was a man encased in black robes and hood. His hands are positioned in front of him, his right hand holding the wrist of his left. His face remained unshown. Without a word the woman's lover unsheathes his blade and frowns. His lady hid behind his back.

He brought himself to speak. "Parler! Quel est votre nom? (Speak! What is your name?)"
The starnger revealed his face. His skin was the whitest thing the couple had ever seen. His eyes were black, and completely red. His cheekbones were extraordinarily pronounced. He slowly grinned, revealing his set of very sharp teeth, especially his eye teeth.
"Je m'appelle Lucien Crainte. (I am called Lucien Crainte.)" said the stranger. "Je la faim pour le sang. Le soin pour faire don de? (I hunger for blood. Care to donate?)"
The woman gasped as her lover frowned. The hood stranger than held out his hand. The falling snowflakes slowly seemed to form the shape of a blade. After a small amount of time, a long, deathly sword of snow had formed through powers unknown to the lady and her man.
But, at that moment, the blade of snow turned into a gleaming type of metal. The stranger bolted forward. The woman's lover had no time to ready himself, and his nape was sliced open. The stranger stood above his opponents dying body, smiling. His reached down and gathered a handfull of the man's squirting blood, and drank it from the palm of his hand. He then turned to the lady, who remained in shock. He smiled once more. Once again, the stranger lifted his blade. At that second, the lady was snapped out of her deep trauma, and entered reality.
The stranger was still there above her fallen love, his blade leveled with her neck. She acted as quick as she could, and swiftly reached for her lover's sword. The stranger lunged his blade forward, cutting a strand of hair off of her head. As she grasped the blades, she was thrusted down into the snow by the stranger.
"Au revoir." the stranger said as another smile went across his face. He swong once more, only to miss again as his target rolled to the side, the blade still tight in her hand. The stranger turned, bared his teeth, and raised is sword for another thrust. The lady rolled aside and.......

What happens next? (be as creative as possible)
Threw a handful of snow at the deadly man. The stranger raised an eyebrow to the gesture, amused. He grabbed the maiden and stared into her eyes. She became frightened but then calmed into a trance. Just when the stranger prepared his unbelievably made sword for another plunge, another stranger emerged from the trees. It was her fathers tracker. He stood in shock at what he was witnessing. Out of reflex he threw a dagger at the man. It hit his arm but deflected, but not with out success. A small cut was on the strangers arm and a line of silver liquid slowly oozed from it. Murderous eyes stared at the tracker. The stranger made a noise that somewhat sounded like a growl but backed slowly into the woods and disappeared. The maiden came back from her trance with a gasp and started to sob. She bent over her now dead lover and hold him in the cold. The tracker walked up to the maiden and stood her up, he himself shaking from what happened. The maiden took a deep breath and thanked him but continued into the forest.......

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