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Are there any Naturist sleep-away camps for teens?
I would like to go to a sleep away camp for teens this summer. I live on the east coast in the U.S. and I would like to say relative to that region. Can you also give me some reasons to go to a naturist camp that could make me a better person?
I don't know of any naturist youth camps specifically. The best I can suggest is for you to visit the message boards at Netnude.com to ask around there. In addition to the regular forum categories such as travel and recreation, there are also two private forums labeled "Young Adults" and Teens", whichever you might fall under. You have to join to be able to view or post on any of the message board categories (free) and request permission for access the private forums because they are for people of specific age ranges only. The rest are open to people of any age. Sorry I can't give more information about a camp than pointing you towards a resource.

To answer your second question, there are lots of reasons going to a naturist camp, and just being a naturist overall, help you be a better person. The first is the wonderful sense of acceptance people develop. When someone becomes a naturist/nudist they shed their fears, phobias, and discomfort about nudity whether it's their own or somebody else's. With that fear gone they develop a very positive body acceptance for themselves, and that extends into body acceptance of other people regardless of how they look. You will also learn to respect other people as equals, mainly because without clothing nobody really has any display of social status, wealth, education, or career. You're free to meet people and get to know them for who they are without any predisposition based on their appearance and material wealth. Similarly, when you are at a naturist camp and make friends with the other boys and girls, because of that open minded acceptance you will be able to make friends and like them for the person who they are rather than what they look like or what they wear.

Being a naturist, whether at camp or as a way of life, you won't have that phobia of nudity that holds so many people back and causes problems in simple matters such as swimming, locker rooms, doctor visits, and intimacy with a future mate. By being used to the nude body and all its parts you won't fixate so much on those parts that are normally hidden by clothes and will be better able to fully appreciate someone you're attracted to or dating when that time comes. And by being comfortable with your own body you won't be bothered with issues of low self image, binge dieting, anorexia, or any of those other negative and unhealthy things so many people follow in search of the unreachable goal of "perfect" looks.

For reasons that naturism and a naturist camp trip would make you a better person, that's a pretty good start.
Teen Naturism Beaches in US/Europe?
I'm a teen girl who is into naturism, and I HATE how I have to put up with old men gawking. I do like hanging out with my friends (boys and girls) who are respectful. Are there any teen exclusive naturist beaches in USA or Europe?
In Europe its common for teens, families and people of all ages to go naked to the beach. In France and Spain Ive never seen any gawkers, pervs or any unreasonable behaviour ever! Ive read in USA its different, men with erections and older male dominated beaches???
What's it like for naturist or nudists?
ive been wondering for all you teen guys naturtist and nusidts our there what deos it feel like to get a hard on in front of your parents? i want to be a naturist but i dont think my parents will let me any tips?
Because erections don't happen in the nudist environment. If you grow up as a nudist, you don't get excited about skin.

As far as becoming one later, you quickly realize that getting an erection in a nudist place is very, very uncool. There are families with guyren there. Men who get erections in nudist places are usually escorted off the property. Same thing at a nude beach.

You hide it until it completely subsides. Women don't want to see it there. They go to nudist places to relax, and find men with erections to be sexually threatening.

The THOUGHT is often more exciting than reality. Most times the erection impulse is short circuited by your own nervousness at being nude in front of others, and the knowledge that it's a bad idea anyway.
How can you become a.....?
How can you become a teen naturist if your parents are not nudists? I'm 15. Are any of you teen naturists?
All you have to do to be a nudist is enjoy not having clothes on.

Now if you want to actually participate in social nudism, you're out of luck unless you get your parents involved.
Teen Nudism In Michigan?
Hi, I am a teen nudist girl looking for a good naturist resort in Michigan. I wanted to go to a resort with mostly teenagers... as I am a little nervous about being naked in front of all adults. Are there any teen oriented beaches or resorts around Michigan?
Well, Dan, that's an interesting name for a girl, but I'm sure it's Danielle or something.

Look up AARN on Google. It'll list places around the country that are nudist clubs. There are very few (read: none) nudist places for only teens. The U.S. is losing the teenage population as nudists and for safety reasons adults are generally present. Look up Turtle Lake. That's a place in mid-Michigan that might help.

Good luck!
Ettiquette question about the naturist lifestyle?
Ettiquette question about the naturist lifestyle?
I am a 38 year old father of two teen daughters, one 7th grader who is 13 and an 8th grader who is 14. My two daughters Lindsey and Melissa often accompany us at our nudist organization activities where we get together and enjoy different activities in the nude. Its mostly families that are in the group but occasionally a few singles. There are two single guys who usually come to the bowling events, parties, swimming outings etc. They usually have erections the entire time. I noticed this three different times. My daughters Lindsey and Melissa are seeing this and I dont feel its appropriate but dont know how to tell the president of the association and will they get kicked out? I mean my daughters think its funny and giggle etc but I think its wrong. What should I do?
can't see where there's anything wrong or inappropriate with even an all day stiffy if their behavior is proper. sounds a bit natural for healthy men especially around naked people. you sound kind of hypocritical for a 'naturist'.
Do you have to be in bad shape to be a naturist/nudist?
Ok, I know that's a little harsh but I wanted to grab your attention to get people's opinion. I have no problem with people showing their bodies and being comfortable with what they have but here's the thing:
I just watched a program on channel 4 online (4od) called 'diary of a teen nudist' in which an 18 year old girl is trying to find out if there are other teens who were brought up as nudists uncomfortable in their bodies. Thing is all the nudists apart from the presenter seem comfortable and understanding of everyone else in their community.

What I was wondering is there must be somewhere in the world, people with very fit bodies who would like to be nudists, but it must be quite uncomfortable for them to be in a nudist colony. I would feel (if I were in that situation) that the others would be looking at you, and thinking that because of being very fit, in shape, and what is commonly thought of as 'in good shape' (like a model or bodybuilder) that you are full of yourself and showing off your body.
In watching that documentary I noticed that not one person was of quite a reasonable figure, apart from the presenter herself, who felt uncomfortable showing her body. So is it that nudists feel the need to flaunt their bodies in order to make them feel better about themselves? Or any other ideas as to why it is as is? Opinions please.
One of the things nudists learn is not to judge. There are nudists of all body types and ages. There are nudists with good physiques a good example is Aaron from Clothesfree International. A "reasonable" body type is up to the beholder most people have an unhealthy image of what "fit" is. That is to say practically a skeleton with some skin draped over it.

And for the age question some have it is simply put there aren't enough young nudists. We under thirty-five need to fix that come one who is with me.
Questions about nudist camps?
Do all nudist/naturist camps allow people of all ages to participate or are they separated, with some for adults and other camps for guys under 18? If all ages are allowed in, what is the etiquette if a man gets an erection, or especially if it happens to a younger teen boy when they can't help but get multiple erections per day? Since everyone is naked anyway, do couples make love out in the open or do they still do that in a bedroom or somewhere private?
Nudist camps are usually very much a family type of place. All ages intermingle freely.

As for the "spontaneous erection" thing. When a male, of any age, gets an erection while out in plain view, the normal thing is to find a way so that it is not so much in view until it goes away. That is normal for people new to nudism but becomes much less of an issue as they get more and more used to being around nude people.

As for sex, that is done in private only. o overt sexual activity is condoned in public view.

I hope this has helped. There is a lot more on nudism and naturism on the net. Just do a google search using either naturism or nudism as the search term. Be aware that the search may turn up sites where nudity is displayed though.
Is this guy pornography?
We all know that guy porn is not only against the law but immoral. I started thinking though when I was looking through a sears catalog and saw the teen/pre teen clothing section. There's websites that show teens/pre teens and guyren modeling underwares and what not, wouldn't that be considered guy porn in a sense of the way, i'm sure some sickos would get off on seeing them in their underware. Also what about naturists? They have get togethers and they are all naked including the guyren. Most of the time they take pictures and guyren are shown naked, does that not qualify as guy porn? I believe some websites post these pictures as naturist or nudism, but guyren are depicted naked and i'm sure sickos get off on that too.
sickos will get off on a lot of wierd things - might as well all wear burkhas since some sicko might get off seeing arms, legs, ankles whatever

I think my point was clear - it's about using things in a way not intended. Why are you looking at pictures of guyren in their underware? Are you a sicko?
Purenudism.com-legal because it's non-sexual? Rant.?
I stumbled across this website because I searched 'nude beach' and a photo of a fully naked girl 7-9 years old popped up-I was shocked to see it and went to the website to read what they had to say about themselves as a website. After reading their website and reading a mess of other stuff on the legality of it all- I do understand that it is in fact legal because they are naturists and the content is not of a sexual nature (in their opinion-but what about the opinion of pedophiles-which I think should be of concern). It's hard for me to believe that the site is all about family nudism and such though when nearly 95% (so it seems) of the photos on the website contain full frontal photos of girls only (average age 7-16 maybe). There are male and femal adults as well as guyren of both sexes-but it seems that the vast majority of the photos on the website are of pre-teen girls and only a miniscule amount are of adults and boys. And by vast majority-I mean enough to seem that the website is almost strictly about pre-teen female nudists. They also sell videos of these girls in nude pageant contests. Again-I understand that naturism is a lifestyle. I do NOT understand the reasoning behind the site being predominantly (seemingly under 18) young female based. And I do NOT understand the reasoning behind offering "Free 'Young Teen Jr Pageant Contest'" DVD's to anyone who wants to get their hands on one (cough cough-aside from naturists-and naturists to be-I think the only other people who'd be interested would be pedophiles). It seems a bit geared towards pedophiles to me. What is sexual explicit to a pedophile? A naked guy/pre-teen playing on the beach? What's non-sexual to some is probably seen differently to a pedophile. In that case-who's to say that it's not sexually explicit? Sexually explicit to who? Naturists or pedophiles? If the site wasn't so focused on what I mentioned above then I don't guess I would see it that way-to each their own-BUT considering the vast majority of the content-it's not looking as though they are geared towards 'family friendly naturist' kind of stuff. Just my opinion-does anyone else feel that this is a problem?
You are not the first to question this website. As others have said, the pictures in themselves are not illegal to the best of our knowledge in either the US or the UK at least, as they do not involve posing of a sexual nature. I say "to the best of our knowledge" because the law, in the UK, is very vague.

It is important that we don't demonise pictures of naked guyren simply because of the nudity, as to do so would be to make the innocent family picture of the guys in the bath or running through the sprinkler on a hot day illegal, in which case most families would have broken the law at some stage! It is also true that a picture of a clothed guy can be pornographic if posed seductively! We live in an age of paranoia which is not healthy and certainly isn't creating a mature and responsible attitude in our guyren, teenagers in particular, towards the human body.

The high level of guyren and in particular young girls, in this site's pictures has caused us at British Naturism to be suspicious of their motives or at least their intended market, so as a consequence we have refused to accept advertising from them on our website or in our magazine. Much of what is written on their website is good - it is just their concentration on guyren in their pictures that causes us to have doubts.

There are other websites who we feel the same about, but I will not give details as I have no desire to give them publicity.

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